Domain Expertise: Knowing Something Well

Next in a digital personal publishing program (adopting a digital career) is your own domain expertise. What specific subject or specialty do you know? How will you learn a new specialty and become an authoritative writer and publisher? If you come to internet publishing with a professional background you need to use your knowledge to publish and influence readers in today’s environment. This means:

  • Knowing your audience, content location, promotion and publishing channels: who, where, when
  • Analyzing the competition, understanding competitive trends and techniques: the landscape
  • Your specific abilities and needs: what you can produce and how your organization works
  • Unique message, offer or information: positioning and clearly targeting someone: positioning

These basic categories hold a large amount of skills and knowledge. They essentially bridge between market and product knowledge and today’s digital skills related to the buyers. If you work with babies or ran an kindergarten you can write about babies for mothers. But you will not be able to sell toys and baby equipment because you like babies and you know the Amazon marketing scheme. The knowledge and experience are not simply general marketing skills as much application and optimization with today’s formats, technology and user behavior. The Internet technologies gives us the ability to know who is interactive in our domain. On the social networks (especially Facebook for consumer products), you can understand how people speak to each other and what they are interesting in reading and saying. Who finds us, how they are directed to us, what they are interested in when they come to our writing. This analytic tools and analysis of the information will get your started. Social media is also giving us actual interaction between people with similar interests. This new connection format is a great way to formulate, format, test and publish information.

Domain knowledge is a matter of using the available tools and mastering how people and companies are interacting. Tools like Google AdWords key word search, Google analytics, similar web pro (competitive analytics) and even non-Google search engines (i.e. are a good way to are a good start to evaluate your overall market landscape. Content Management Systems (CMSs) and social media management services (and apps) are used to write, edit, publish and manage content articles. They are the equivalent to text editors (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Paint, ) and publishing applications (i.e. PDF, Photoshop, Cubase).

This is an introductory piece about the actual domain area. More examples are coming. My suggestion to anyone starting with content marketing, buying content (product owners) and anyone managing any marketing on the internet, is to learn the technical and marketing skills together with their own domain on the internet. The three go together. Abstract knowledge and even experience without the application to a specific field is boring and unprofitable. Two things we want to avoid when we start.

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