Writing and Publishing: Doing the Work

Once you learned and apprenticed comes the real work. No matter how much you learn and practice, there is no substitute to doing actual work and showing what you can do. Writing and publishing is needed today by almost anyone with an internet business. That means you can do your own work at your own pace then show it to target employer or a customer. If you are looking for a job near you. Get to know your region’s business focus (banking, leisure, tourism, retail) also take a look at the local businesses structure or style (large corporations, global conglomerates, small independents.) What are they looking for in bloggers, writers, editors and content managers? Can you use additional skills (SEO, PPC) to bring higher value to the table?

Once done with your apprenticeship (or internship) you will have few published samples (writing, editorials, campaigns, analytics, designs). If you don’t, get started with your own blog or social media page. If you don’t want to start your own blog or social media page, advertising/affiliate campaign (banners, landing pages) you can publish with an established blogger or a social media manager (i.e. guest blogging, commenting or posting on an ongoing page). More you can show and higher the skill level, better your chances against the competition.

Motivation: Experience and Examples Beat Resumes

Experience and good examples are misunderstood by newbies (when you are getting started.) Showing your work (results) is not what gets you attention and respect. The work itself, showing how you work, explaining details and criticizing (or rating) your own work sometimes works better. Working as a corporate blogger without well written and useful posts does not get attention. Writing, editing, publishing and promotion is a complex and difficult process. When you practice this process and gain skills, you can show results and demonstrate ability. With experience comes confidence to describe your work and the critical skills needed in mastering details. When you can explain simply (in detail) how you research discussions (key words, trends), test topics and messages (test blogs and posts), promote in outside leading blogs, social media sites and direct messages and eventually gather analytic (Google Analytics) and finally analyzed and then find ways to optimize the steps in the process, you can convince people. What a mouthful? This process approach I use in explaining content writing and publishing. A process for advertising (PPC, Google AdWords/AdSense, Outbrain) including word research, creating and managing advertising on Google (or other platforms), tracking and optimizing ads in geographic locations and target sites (remarketing), moving on blog/site advertising networks and affiliate networks is another profitable strategic business field. Graphic designers, illustrators, video creators and editors have their own work flow and skills to demonstrate. Videos on social media, YouTube and Vimeo are strategic business skills crucial in many business sectors. With this in mind, you should have enough motivation to get started, even on your own.

Do the Work: Blog, Publish, Promote or Curate

Writing, editing and publishing is done by everyone, especially today. Blogging in some fields is the preferred way to promote a message. Blog platforms (Blogger, WordPress) wow people by promoting 15 minute installs. Hundreds of hosting companies wow with few dollars a month offers. The format is so popular, LinkedIn introduced Pulse, essentially an open blog for the whole site. With a process and tools you can write well, find an appropriate audience and promote your posts. These skills and a self published channel are crucial to start in content management work. Setting up blogs and pages on social media sites is simple. What shows ability are your steps in creating a good article (i.e. post, social media blurb, comment or link). Here is a suggested flow (process) to start an article:

Research tools (Google Keywords, Google Trends, and alternatives) are a simple way to start researching topics and search traffic. The same goes for analytics to get a sense of how to write with SEO and SEM emphasis. With a few dollars a month you can setup a professional looking blog so just get started. Once you research, test and then publish, you can start understanding your sector and what or who is read and is useful. Read and understand your specialty field. You should also know how writing is used for inform, persuade and promote. If you are writing to sell a product or to promote an idea, knowing more than just how to produce a story is crucial. This in depth knowledge usually comes with experience. This means understanding a topic and how to inform and then influence people’s decisions. Next: Start a Plan (but don’t stick to it), Targeted Publishing Strategy.


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