Opportunity for Text Content

Written content today is the most critical format to get right. The field of writing and publishing written material is simply called “content” by website owners. Text is by far the most effective message format for a few reasons, mostly because it is “light” (fast to transmit) and searchable (indexable). Business owners and marketers are faced with the challenge of ceasing the opportunity in creating and publishing text content. Writing, editing, publishing and promoting text content is the lifeblood of our communication channels. In some cases, corporations and individuals need help in getting text content created and published. Work related to writing and publishing: research, SEO, social media promotion, tactics and strategy are also areas where most people need help. Text content is not hard to produce. Yet the challenge or reaching audiences and competing with more effective publishers is intense. To understand the methods used today to create and publish, here is a simple “work model”. Essentially the model is a “flow” of tools and techniques stringed together:

  • Research: what do you want to say? what is your audience interest? competitor content? Intelligence.
  • Outlines, topics, messages, core content intention, message or business strategy.
  • Articles, sources for re-publishing, commenting and guest writing (blogging).
  • Editing, re-writing published articles, organizing and establishing message style, format, frequency.
  • Publishing platforms, guest publishing, connection to advertising, promotion, social sites.
  • Optimization, analysis, advertising, advanced SEO, content extension, advanced content methods.

What Opportunity?

The opportunity in all text content creation and publication is in the results and the work itself. Internet publishing is still a new field for most business sectors. Most established companies have moved slowly and are still developing each content creation phase. New companies and young publishers are not experienced in their domain area. They are not able to fill a publishing effort with strong writing and editing work. The opportunity is in becoming a strong authoritative published voice. With a strong effort, a small team can become a credible communication channel. This opportunity is useful both for business as well as social and organizational writers. Becoming a voice for an idea is easier than ever before.

Individuals entering content creation and publishing professions there is opportunity in mastering a skill and establishing a reputation. Writing and editing are not new professions, yet the need for write for today’s audience is different than in older formats (print, TV, advertising). Related specialties in research, publication and promotion are also in great demand. These are also quite different in internet (some call it “digital”) content world. Most professionals in the field are young without many years of experience in a specific field. They bring energy and optimism and can turn a few years’ experience into a profession. Older experienced professionals with up to date new skills are as valuable, maybe even more. They need to quickly master new skills and show their abilities. If you are thinking about learning and gaining experience in any of the specialty areas, this is a great time to start.

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